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The Raindrop

"Way up above so far and so high, a tiny drop of water floated in the sky."


The Raindrop is a fully illustrated poem about a tiny drop of water floating in the sky that has a big dream to make children happy.


Children reading this story will love the adventure that this little raindrop takes in order to see its dreams come true.

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Evie the Eaglet Learns to Soar

As a young eaglet, Evie must learn to soar as all eagles do.  While flying with her parents, Evie discovers that there is more to soaring than how far, or how high you can go. 


Readers of this story will be encouraged to rise above life’s many trials and to soar just like Evie.

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Oliver the Oyster and the Cheerless Clam

Oliver the oyster once again returns for another adventure set in the seaside town of Wellfleet, MA.  New to the harbor is Clara the clam who has unfortunately experienced some sad moments in her life.  However, with the help of her new friends Oliver the oyster, Cathy the crab, and Miriah the mermaid, Clara discovers the secret to living her life full of happiness regardless of anything that has happened or could happen.

Though out this story, children will learn lots of fun seaside facts that they will be able to share with their family and friends.

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